Christy Johnston

Why, doesn’t that pheasant look pleasant!

Why, doesn’t that pheasant look pleasant! Remembering Clarissa Dickson Wright, my favorite saucy sidecar-riding chef, who passed away March 15 at the age of 66. My 11/21/11 post on the Two Fat Ladies, professing my love and admiration for her and her wonderful and witty partner Jennifer Paterson (who passed away in 1999)… Yeah, that’s …

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Olive it

I was looking for a fresh and light salad to incorporate into my clients’ winter lunch repertoire.  This one from the December 2012 Bon Appétit caught my eye, with its elegant simplicity and creative combination of flavors and textures.   I’ve dehydrated olives before, but for some reason have never thought to fry them for a garnish. …

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Pick me

I love any and all of the traditional Fall fun activities– picking apples, picking pumpkins, drinking cider, eating cider doughnuts, sneezing through hayrides, running through corn mazes, you name it.  The brisk air, the smell of wood fires, the pleasant dankness of wet fallen leaves, the cinnamon&nutmeg-spiced everything…Really helps to fight off any looming autumnal melancholy. …

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