Sweet #

For breakfast today…Sweet potato hash with red pepper, served with a fried egg, fresh thyme and sriracha. For this vitamin-packed* hash, all you need to do is: Cube up a couple of sweet potatoes (skin and all), par-cook them for 5-8 minutes in salted boiling water, drain them, and fry them up in some olive …

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Skier’s Dinner

If you’re not fussing with a smoker*, pulled pork can be one of the most low-maintenance/high-reward foods out there.  Pork shoulder is cheap and readily available, and while it tastes amazing with just salt and pepper, you can also endlessly customize the rub and/or sauce flavors.  It’s pretty wonderful to come back from a day …

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Skier’s Breakfast

Into a hot pan slicked with olive oil– sliced boiled new potatoes, dill, parsley, thyme, poached wild sockeye salmon, crumbled goat cheese. Into a bowl– whisked eggs, a generous grind of black pepper and salt. Pour bowl’s contents over pan’s contents. Cook until the bottom is set, then slide into hot oven to finish the …

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