Belly up

Sticky, savory, silky, meaty and perfect: cured, braised, then seared pork belly with home-grown greens, poached egg, and lemon thyme vinaigrette.  

This time, with pan-fried tomatoes, English fry-up style….

Pork belly has a naturally ideal ratio of fat to meat– progressive layers that, when braised and seared, become a dreamscape of texture and flavor.  Crispness, creaminess, and tender meaty bite.  Like a Nature-made pork Napolean.

I prefer to keep it simple when building a dish around such a wonderful preparation.  A nice bit of acid to balance the fat, a little sweetness and spice, and fresh green-ness.  Think vinaigrettes and chutneys.  I especially love using tamarind or pomegranate.  Their sweet-sourness is an ideal match for the belly.