Early Fall Haul

Second weekend of Fall, Grand Army Farmer’s Market haul: Kabocha squash (for simple roasting with coriander, butter, honey), a couple quince (for jam or compote to top pork chops), suncrisp apples (pair with sharp New York cheddar of course), and ‘Honeynut’ baby butternuts (how could you resist these precioussss things?). And a cup of hot apple …

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Belly up

Sticky, savory, silky, meaty and perfect: cured, braised, then seared pork belly with home-grown greens, poached egg, and lemon thyme vinaigrette.   This time, with pan-fried tomatoes, English fry-up style…. Pork belly has a naturally ideal ratio of fat to meat– progressive layers that, when braised and seared, become a dreamscape of texture and flavor. …

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When I saw this recipe, it was so simple and seemingly familiar that I never would’ve guessed it would blow my mind. But it did.   And now I have officially discovered that there’s something very, very special about the combination of prosciutto and orange.  The hole that I didn’t even realize was in my …

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Slightly creepy, yet enticing (and certainly delicious) cat-topped cupcakes for my niece’s 10th birthday party: dark chocolate cake with cinnamon chocolate buttercream frosting. 


Last weekend, between all the skiing and the cooking, I had the pleasure of attending Copper Mountain’s Burger & Wine Challenge, part of their Copper Uncorked wine fest.  What could be better than throwing back some lovely plonk and stuffing my face with some well-deserved fat and carbs? Six tents were set up in the main …

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Curry up

Pan-seared Pacific halibut with creamy apple-curry sauce, toasted cumin seeds, roasted red pears and parsnips.  Being shy in the background: an arugula salad with roasted cashews and a pomegranate-shallot-yogurt dressing. Properly searing a piece of fish at home might cost you some atmospheric purity– but in exchange you are rewarded with the luscious crunchy/tender union …

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